Our Core Values

Aldridge Pite is dedicated to providing best-in-class representation across all of its Practice Areas through its unwavering subscription to three fundamental tenets:
We are a team of partners. Early in our Firm’s history, we recognized that our lawyers and support staff could not operate in separate silos. Aldridge Pite lawyers must work in partnership with each other and in collaboration with our support staff to achieve operational and legal excellence and foster innovation and efficiencies. Further, we view every client as a partner in every sense of the word. We can only succeed together. This ideal is understood by all and allows Aldridge Pite to continuously prove to our clients that we handle their legal matters with the utmost degree of diligence and care.
We are lawyers first. At every level at Aldridge Pite, we have created a culture where each member of our Firm knows and admires the fact that we are in the business of law, not simply processing documents. We understand that our clients hire us to handle and complete their legal work in the most efficient and legally sound manner possible. This culture is not only manifested in Aldridge Pite lawyers, but is also ingrained in our paralegals, managers, law clerks, and support staff.
We are efficient. While we are lawyers first, we know that our clients’ business is financially impacted by inefficiencies and, in particular, files and cases that unnecessarily languish as a result of inaction or impediment. Aldridge Pite is relentlessly devoted to balancing the legal component of what we do with process efficiencies so that our clients can maintain confidence that their work is being performed in the most legally sound and efficient manner possible under any circumstances.
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