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** If you need to request a payoff or reinstatement quote, please send your request to and you will receive a response from this email box within 24 hours. Please be sure to include the loan information, including loan number and property address, along with the type of quote you are requesting (payoff or reinstatement). Additionally, if you are not the borrower and are requesting a payoff or reinstatement on behalf of a borrower, please include a Third Party Authorization with your request. 
** If you have inquiries concerning a residential property foreclosure, you may also email us at 
** If you have inquiries concerning a commercial property foreclosure, you may also email us at 
** Notice to Borrowers Contacting AP by Email: AP does not initiate contact about a debt with a consumer via email. If you (consumer/borrower) send AP an email to communicate about a debt, you are consenting that AP may use the email address you provide in order to likewise respond to the consumer inquiry and understand that you may withdraw the consent if you choose to do so.
** Fraudulent email messages referred to as “phishing” are becoming more common.
These types of emails could potentially point to invalid hyperlinks that are revealed when you hold your cursor over them. These links may contain malware, which could harm your computer. Other fraudulent emails may request financial information from you.
By using company trademarks, colors, logos, mail systems and legal disclaimers these “phishing” emails can look very real. Individuals have used these techniques in order to fool applicants. You can usually spot these emails because they may request financial information or your bank account information. This request may also include a requirement for you to complete a financial transaction.
These communications are not from Aldridge Pite, LLP. Should you receive any of these emails, do not click on the links provided, or correspond with the sender.
To prevent being a victim of this type of fraud regarding job offers, please first confirm that the job posting is indeed legitimate by reviewing the list of current AP openings.
Please note that Aldridge Pite, LLP does not request personal information, financial information, account numbers, bank account numbers in an unsolicited manner through an email request. If you have any questions, please contact
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